1920: Professor ALEXIS CARREL who won the Medicine Nobel Prize in 1912, started work embryonary effect.

1950: Professor ERICSON, one of the best student from Professor ALEXIS CARREL, was 1st scientist to use CELLULOTHERAPY (Embryonary Effect) on injured and tired skin, and also created the first revitalization cure for internal treatment which was a great success.

1968: Professor ERICSON and Mrs ERICSON (dietician, beautician) took over the company. Launched the 1st therapeutic facial treatment based on Frozen Cellular Extracts “Fresh Cell”. Thus, the first ERICSON LABORATOIRE cosmetic range was born..

1993: Began the International Market development in EUROPE and ASIA.

Today, ERICSON LABORATOIRE is an International Skin Care Concept distributed in approximately 70 countries, specifically 550 in the French Market and 57 in Malaysia.